Monday, July 21, 2014


We have had a wonderful final week to Summer in the City session 2!

On Monday, students visited the Museum of Natural History and explored three floors of exhibits that we did not get to see on our planetarium trip earlier last week. Our afternoon skill building activities included a roundtable discussion on the differences between high school and college. This included discussion on the many different responsibilities, expectations and skills needed to be successful at the postsecondary level. Additionally, staff led a discussion on the definition of executive functioning and ways that it can impact one’s life in school and beyond.
Tuesday’s excursion led students to The Intrepid Air, Sea and Space Museum. We had a lot of fun exploring the many levels and decks of the ship. We saw fighter pilots and helicopters, among many other very cool exhibits. The afternoon skill building activity focused around defining and discussing the concept of elaboration. Discussion demonstrated how being able to explain things can be beneficial in terms of communicating and self-advocating in expressive language, (i.e., conversation, essay writing, etc.). Students played out scenarios and utilized elaboration to describe their favorite hobbies and interests, all while creating a mature dialogue.
On Wednesday, students visited the Queens Museum of Art and had a nice walk past Citi Field. Students loved the panoramic view of all of New York City! In the afternoon, students practiced their public speaking and interpersonal skills by participating in a roundtable discussion on current events with their peers. Additionally, we completed our third short story of the session entitled, "The Monkey's Paw". Students worked on listening, reading comprehension, and prediction skills. This is a classic story written at the turn of the 19th century; yet, it has a lot of charisma in a literary sense, and the students really enjoyed it!
For Thursday’s activity, the students enjoyed a beautiful and sunny day in Central Park. The group explored the zoo and saw lots of different animals, including red pandas, various tropical birds, Arctic monkeys, sea lions, and penguins. Our afternoon activities included a game of charades to focus on body language, expressive communication skills, and just having fun! Additionally, we played a friendly game of boggle to heighten students’ word recognition skills and to challenge each other in the friendly spirit of competition!
On Friday, we wrapped up the week at Dave & Buster's arcade. Students and staff enjoyed all that Times Square has to offer! Students loved the arcade and carnival like atmosphere, and had a lot of fun together! Skill building activities in the morning included a continuation on budgeting; specifically, reviewing all of the many facets of being responsible for and maintaining a personal budget. Additionally, stress management techniques were discussed and included another form of meditation that students can use as a coping strategy.

- Colin '15 
summer graphic & web design intern

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