Wednesday, June 11, 2014


It was the first week of our Summer in the City 2014 program, and students and staff participated in some wonderful trips! 

Summer in the City is a program specifically designed to teach students city navigation and introduce them to a large variety of attractions and activities that are both educational and fun! This week, students explored The Natural History Museum where they had the opportunity to explore three floors of diverse and exciting artifacts from many places and periods throughout history. They also visited the Transit Museum in Brooklyn to learn about the New York City Transit system. Participation in these daily activities are helping the students to increase executive functioning skills, such as time and money management. 

The New Frontiers in Learning staff create weekly lesson plans for students that reinforce core academic, social communication, and executive functioning skills. For instance, this week, the students listened and responded to short stories, including The Gift of the Magi, in order to practice reading comprehension and written expression. Students are working in a collaborative environment, and therefore simultaneously develop skills in the areas of teamwork and group dynamics. 

New Frontiers strives to provide personalized learning opportunities in order for students to discover personal success in a healthy learning environment. Most of what we do requires hands on learning both inside and out of the classroom. Individualized attention and constant collaboration allows students to develop their own unique ideas, beliefs, and interests. At New Frontiers in Learning, we believe this is the key to personal success. More to come in Week 2!

(left) American museum of natural history 
(right) NYC Subway puzzle promotes teamwork, communication, and learning the grid.

- Emma '15 
student, summer communications intern

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