Tuesday, June 17, 2014


During the second week of Summer In the City 2014, students and staff continued to explore New York and learn more about themselves through class activities each day. 

Teamwork and communication supported students in completing a 500-piece puzzle of the NYC subway system in just two weeks!

Students continued to work on navigation skills throughout the city and went on three fabulous trips. One of these trips included the Museum of Math where students had the opportunity to work on listening and reading comprehension skills as well as participate in a fun pre-reading prediction activity. They also went to The Central Park Zoo and The Museum of Moving Image. By following a weekly budget, the students are learning how to estimate weekly trip expenses and how to stay within their set “income” received.  

The skills that students learn each week depend on individual needs and past successes. Summer In the City strives to make sure that no student feels left behind - we work as a team in order to ensure each student’s needs are met at an individualized pace.

students at the Museum of Math 

- Emma '15 
student, summer communications intern

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