Wednesday, June 25, 2014


Our third and final week of our first Summer in the City 2014 session was busy and filled with fun learning opportunities! Students visited the City Museum of New York, the New York Aquarium, Coney Island, the 9/11 Memorial and Museum, the FDNY Fire Museum, and the American Museum of Natural History.

At the City Museum of New York, students learned about the history, development, and influence of New York City art. They were exposed to the graffiti movement, artistic activism, and Guastavino's architectural contributions throughout the city. Additionally, students were taught the basics of budgeting, income, expense, and savings. In order to reinforce this lesson, students created and shared budget charts. 

The New York Aquarium was a huge hit! Students observed various marine life from around the world. Afterwards, the group grabbed a bite to eat at the famous Nathan's Hot Dogs. Navigation to and enjoyment of Coney Island was received so well by some of our students, that it sparked them to want to come back with family and/or friends, and even ignited the desire to move there!

Through powerful multi-sensory experiences exhibited at the 9/11 Memorial and Museum, students gained knowledge about a monumental event that shaped our shared history. They witnessed artifacts that presented stories of loss and recovery. 

In order to make an educated connection between person and place, students visited the FDNY Fire Museum. Students gained a deeper knowledge of and appreciation for the servicemen and women who play such a vital role in this city. As an added bonus, they even got to wear some awesome fire gear! Afterwards, students engaged in the team based game Boggle, which promotes executive function development through brainstorming and creative word play. The game is a tool for generating language and word-learning skills. Finally, students viewed "Planet in Peril," which discusses environmental stress points of our planet and the ramifications. 

On the last day of the session, students voted to visit the American Museum of Natural History. Pterosaurs, marine life, agriculture, and life cycles were just a few of the many exhibits students visited. Having previously viewed "Planet in Peril," students recognized the importance of maintaining the environment in order to sustain life. During lunch, they enjoyed the World Cup games, discussing how it impacts us on a world-wide scale and how the event exposes issues that countries are battling. 

A closing note from NYC Coordinator, Raul Jimenez:
"The students in Session 1 were amazing and gained knowledge of the city through navigation of the subways and building the NYC subway puzzle as a team. Reading/comprehending/discussing short stories, exposure to museums that reinforced daily lessons and American culture, social communication with peers and compromise as a team were all beneficial to developing our students' efforts towards independence. Last, but certainly not the least, our students had a lot of FUN and increased their self-confidence!"

- Colin '15 
summer graphic & web design intern

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