Tuesday, July 8, 2014


Summer in the City Session 2 had a great first week!

On Monday, we set team rules and expectations, followed by introductions and ice-breaker games. In the afternoon, we went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art and explored the many cultures and time periods on exhibition.

Tuesday we went to the New York Museum of Science and enjoyed hands-on fun. Students were awed at the various branches of science! In the afternoon, we explored the New York Public Library and saw the original Declaration of Independence, which just happened to be on temporary display!

We visited the Paley Center for Media on Wednesday. The students' favorite part of the trip was watching a film on the behind the scenes magic of stunts in Hollywood.
On Thursday, we wound down the program with a leadership movie and delicious pizza lunch. Students continued to work with staff on self-determination activities, and presented a personal current events topic. This helps students to think globally, and present their findings in order to practice public speaking skills. We had a fun time getting to know each other using ice-breaker questions which students can use again to engage family and friends in conversation.

Each day we teach students how to navigate the subway system, manage one’s time and money, participate in teamwork, and demonstrate patience and tolerance. We have a lot planned for week 2 - very fun trips and lots more skill building activities! Stay tuned! 

- Colin '15 
summer graphic & web design intern

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