Monday, June 15, 2015

Summer in the City Week Two Recap

Week two of the first session of Summer in the City 2015 was another success as students participated in some really neat trips while building on last week’s lessons! Check it out below…

Students were able to take advantage of the sunny weather on Monday by walking across the historical Brooklyn Bridge. Everyone was appreciative of the beautiful view and students were able to have a fun time while getting some exercise. Perhaps the highlight of this day was when students took turns playing piano at the park under the Brooklyn Bridge. Who knew there was so much musical talent in Summer in the City? In the afternoon, students participated in another social communication lesson, with a focus on feelings and how they affect one’s body, tying this concept into how to read other people’s feelings based on body language.

On Tuesday, students took a tour of the great Yankee Stadium. This full access tour allowed the students to go all around the stadium, including Monument Park and even the dugout. For the lesson in the afternoon, students took an interest explorer survey. After gathering interest information, students learned about potential post-secondary majors and professions related to their interests.

On Wednesday, students explored two museums. The first was the Bric Museum, where students toured a Television production station to see what happens behind the scenes. Next, students went to the National Museum of Native American History. Students explored ancient history and showed great patience and social navigation skills even after a long day. In the afternoon, students participated in a short story book club and discussed conflict resolution.

Thursday was a full day trip as students spent the day at Coney Island and the New York Aquarium. Students learned about various marine life from around the world. After spending much time together, students continued to develop relationships with each other and continued to work together as a team.

To end the week, students visited The Intrepid Air, Sea and Space Museum. We had a lot of fun exploring the many levels and decks of the ship. We saw fighter pilots and helicopters, among many other very cool exhibits. In the afternoon, students learned meditation techniques to stay relaxed. Students also shared and discussed current events and their feelings about the various topics.

What a great week! We look forward to making the most out of the final week!

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