Wednesday, July 29, 2015

What I Wish I Knew Before College - Part II - Academics

Dear Prospective Student,

I have learned to choose courses as long as they meet the requirements for my general education and major. I am more comfortable registering for classes each semester because I practiced many times. I decided to study music and communications because I am interested in both fields. I want to learn more about music and communications. I had never taken summer courses until I accepted the offer to have an internship at New Frontiers in Learning. I am confident I can make my class schedule without conflicts.

I have learned to understand the differences between academics in high school and college. I read chapters before class so I can contribute to discussions. I learned I need to back up my thesis statement with evidence, explain the purposes of quotes, and cite sources on research papers. I have had essay questions on midterms and finals, which I do not like. I never knew I should think abstractly until I took First Year Seminar. I wrote an essay of twelve pages to complete the First Year Program. I have been successful because I am focused on expanding my knowledge. I am confident I can handle the large amount of work.

Sincerely, Maki

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