Thursday, August 6, 2015

What I Wish I Knew Before College - Part III - Social Engagement

Dear Prospective Student, 

I have learned to establish relationships with other students, which helped me grow and prepared me to handle people. I have been eating meals with students in the cafeteria and pub. I joined the UNICEF Club, where I attended community service events. I participated in activities to raise awareness of hunger. I collected money from students for victims of the earthquake in Nepal. I was able to collaborate with other students because I recognize them from seeing them around campus. I enjoy meeting students from all over the world. I am confident I can make plans with other students outside of meals.

I have learned to respect other students’ feelings and boundaries in the dorms. I limited the number of visits to other residents’ rooms because I received reactions where they were annoyed with me for coming to them too much. I awoke some of them by accident because I did not know they were asleep. I know I cannot waste their time and energy when they are busy before bedtime. I text them if I can spend time with them, and they let me know if they are available. I continue to believe I should give other students space.

I have learned to get out of my comfort zone, which allowed me to try something new. I learned to take the bus to the bank, shopping mall, or grocery store in White Plains. I am able to see other students I know from campus. I am more comfortable taking the bus on my own because I constantly practiced it. I took the train to Grand Central when I went to the Broadway revival of On the Town. I also learned to take the cab to campus when I left the bar in White Plains. I was slightly nervous about it because I could not take the bus, especially on nights before students return home for winter and spring breaks. I am confident I can use other forms of transportation when I do not have a car.

Sincerely, Maki

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