Monday, August 17, 2015

What I Wish I Knew Before College - Part IV - Executive Functioning


Dear Prospective Student, 

I have learned to remind myself responsibilities. I noticed I was late to classes at times because I forgot to set my alarm. I am proactive by looking over the syllabus so I can succeed in classes. I initiate assignments without reminders because I know I need to complete them before the deadlines. I give myself more time to prepare for classes and meetings than I think I need. I feel like I remember better when I write down lists of what I need to do.

I have learned to break down assignments and readings into smaller steps. I count the number of days I have to read until the due dates and divided the readings into days because I know I cannot read the while book in a day. I am not too nervous about the readings, but I can be still overwhelmed. I was required to write an essay of twelve pages, which was one of the largest assignments I had. I wrote a few pages at a time because I knew I could not do it in one day. I put the essay aside when I had other assignments to work on. I never wait until the last time to complete assignments because I know I need plenty of time to organize my thoughts and revise my work. I crammed for exams, which made me tired from staying up late at night. I realized I should study a little bit each day because I cannot remember all information in my head. I suggest you do one task at a time when you find yourself getting flooded with work. 

I have learned to balance my time between work and fun. I noticed I did not take proper care of myself sometimes by spending too much time on work. I did not give myself enough time to relax sometimes. I realized I would be overwhelmed if I do not manage my time. I learned I can unwind my day by doing relaxing activities before bedtime. I feel like I have been doing better at setting time for activities with other students.

Sincerely, Maki

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