Monday, July 13, 2015

Summer in the City Week 2

The second week of Summer in the City Session 2 was a big hit! On Monday, students had the opportunity to see The Metropolitan Museum of Art, which is the largest museum in the United States. We explored amazing art ranging from various time periods. Students especially took an interest in the exhibit of ancient instruments. Back at the office, we explored the idea of change, specifically its meaning, how it relates to each student, and how to adapt to it. To further explore change, we watched the short film, “Who Moved my Cheese?”

Students had the opportunity to tour the famous Madison Square Garden on Tuesday. This certainly seemed like a favorite for the students thus far. As students learned about the rich history of the building, they were also able to show off what they learned about social communication as we traveled in a large group. In the afternoon, students continued to develop social communication skills. Students wrote down their interests on a piece of paper, handed them in, and then took turns reading each other’s aloud. It was fun to try and guess whose questionnaire was being read aloud based on the responses provided!

On Wednesday, students visited Queens for a full day trip. First, we visited the New York Science Museum, exploring the multimedia exhibit based on growth and the power of water, as well as several interactive science related exhibits. It was extremely hands on, and students showed interest in how science relates to everyday activities. Afterwards, we had a group lunch in Corona Park, then ices at the famous Corona King. Students then traveled to the Queens Museum, seeing the legendary panorama model of New York City, exhibits on the world’s fair, as well as the Tiffany glassworks and 3D film exhibit. Full day trips are not easy, especially with the substantial amount of walking, but students showed great determination as they remained interested and patient throughout the trip.

Thursday was another full day trip as students spent the day at Coney Island and the New York Aquarium. Students learned about various marine life from around the world, saw sharks, and watched the sea lion show.  Afterwards, students walked the boardwalk and enjoyed famous Nathan’s hot dogs. Students continued to develop relationships with each other after this long day together and continued to work together as a team.

Friday we celebrated the American Women’s Soccer World Championship and went to the parade. This was an extremely busy environment, and students demonstrated great signs of growth by remaining relaxed and engaged. After eating some pizza at the office, we watched the “Social Network,” which led to a productive discussion about leadership. We discussed themes of the movie and how students can relate and use these skills in real life.

We are looking forward to what Monday has in store!

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